Nicky and Humpy

nicky and humpy

Nicky and Humpy springUpdate!!!  Mel went to visit Nicky and Humpy at their amazing foster farm Red Door Studios on Long Bay in Westport Onatario . Nicky and Humpy had a terrific winter and just love the the farm, they have made some new barnyard friends Beans the Pink Pig, and Murray the Donkey. Life is good on the Farm !!!    Thank you Ingrid Bron of Red Door Studios for such a wonderful Foster Farm for Nicky and Humpy!


Nicky and Humpy and friends




nicky and humpy

Update: Great news! We have found a foster farm for the piggies! Ingrid Bron of Red Door Studios on Long Bay in Westport  is going to care for them until spring. That will give me time to set up a place for them here! This is absolutely fantastic news! Humpy and Nicky will be joining another rescue pig and other rescued animals.

Meet our two newest rescues Nicky and Humpy!

Both are un neutered 8 year old male pot belly x pigs.

They are real pets! Both are great with all other animals, are able to be left alone in the yard to roam, love to have their heads scratched.

They will have to live in a barn and have access to a farmyard.

Their owners had to move and were unable to take them and had absolutely no place for them to go. Humpy is the more dominant one and they have to stay together because they are best friends.

Adoption fee to be discussed.

I will have a vet check them over and will get their hooves trimmed.

We have to find them a forever family ASAP. They are only able to stay at foster farm for 2 weeks .