Happy Ending – Sonny

Sonny Happy Ending


Another little Happy Ending Note from Sonny’s Family!  We at Mel’s Farm are so pleased for Sonny , this poor boy’s destiny was pretty bleak, a second chance, and a life full of love, a warm thank you to Sonny’s family for making this boy their very own!

From Sonny’s Family…

As you can see by the pictures… Gracie and Sonny continue to bond. I am so very pleased how well they are getting along. The jealousy exhibited by Gracie gets to be less and less each day. Which makes all of us happy campers.
Can’t say it enough… thank you for hooking us with Sonny Boy Slim.
He is a joy in our lives

Sonny Happy Ending Sonny Happy Ending Sonny Happy Ending JUNE 2014 Here are some happy photos of Sonny and his new sister Gracie.  Our very sweet boy has found the family of his dreams! It was definitely love at first sight! He gets to spend his days running around a fenced acre yard with his hound sister Gracie and his nights cuddling with his new mom and dad! happy-ending-sonny