Happy Ending – Gracie

Gracie - Happy Ending

Gracie - Happy EndingFantastic news!! Gracie has been adopted! Our little Smiths Falls stray has found her forever family!

Great big ” thank you’s ” go out to Kim, Felicity, Kaylea, and all the staff and kids at Yak Youth Centre for fostering Gracie and taking such amazing care of her.

Thank you to Blueberry Creek Vet and their extremely devoted staff for all Gracie’s vet care.

Gracie - Happy EndingLast but definitely not least a big hug and thank you to Laura from Laura Janes Pet Food and Supply for fostering Gracie in her store which is were she was adopted from!

We would also like to thank the couple in SF who originally rescued Gracie! You know who you are!! She would still be starving and barely living on the streets of SF if it were not for your kindness!!


Gracie - Happy Ending