Finn – Happy Ending

Things are going really wonderfully. Finn is really starting to come out of his shell with Chris and I – playing tug-of-war, showing us his belly all the time, sleeping in our bedroom at night, being protective of the home (barking if there’s a noise at the door that doesn’t sound like Chis or I).
He’s been so wonderful on the leash and settling into the routine. He’s been such a sweet, calm, cool doggo. We absolutely love his presence. He keeps us exercising on top of that! (I’ve been hitting my Pedometer goals every day since he’s been with us!) We have been taking Finn on a minimum of two 30 minute walks per day – but usually three walks which include two in the evening.

Finn is a 100lbs housecat. He’s incredibly independent, but loves attention, snuggles, and food. He knows the commands:  sit, stay, lie down, jump “up,” play, wait, inside, walk, treat, bone, no, off, leave it, and come. He’s an intelligent goof ball who loves to play and sleep. We love the little turkey. 🙂