Please be aware we have no paid staff, it could take at least 48 hours to return messages / calls. Thank you for your patience!

All our animals get vaccinated, spayed/ neutered at Blueberry Creek Vets. We do not give out vouchers at this time. We are working on forming relationships with other vets in Lanark County. 

People ask us why some of our animals take so long to be adopted. The answer is because we have strict guidelines that we need to follow in order to place our animals with the proper family. We are accountable for every furry life and have to make sure we do everything in our power to ensure their health / well being and safety. This includes their new family too! There is a reason why we have the animals we have and most times need special attention.

We ask people to not take it personal but our first and foremost priority is the animal. We ask the public to have patience with us and to know that our adoption process is a slow careful one!

A Mel’s Farm Animal’s second chance in life depends entirely on the perfect adoptive family.

Thank You                                                 


Pictured is Milley, a classic example of why we at Mel’s Farm take our time to find the perfect family for our rescue animals, Milley is visually impaired and has diabetes which is controlled by insulin, Her new family, are amazing loving, and have the experienced knowledge to care for her medical needs. A Perfect Match, a perfect Happy Ending

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