Baxter – Adopted

Great news, Baxter has been adopted!!!
Because of Cindy Draper and her amazing team at TnT Dogs Unleashed we can now update Baxter’s a.k.a. Big B’s story.
We asked Baxter to describe himself in his own words, what he would like to say to a potential new family.
And this is what he had to say……
Hiya!! My name is Baxter but my friends call me Big B from time to time. Heard you were looking for a handsome, smart, fun loving boy like myself. Look no further!! I’m your boy! And let me tell ya my smile is as big as my heart and that’s pretty darn big! I sure do love people! Especially my people! Oh and I really really really love squirrels but am told I play too rough for their own good. Doesn’t stop me from trying though. Kinda stubborn that way! Not to toot my own horn but I’m quite fantastic! Here is me in a nutshell (squirrel reference). Let’s just say I’m a couch loving, t.v. watching, ball catching, car riding, people loving, squirrel (and small animal) chasing, big hunka hunka furry love that truly enjoys his walkies, cuddles and peace and quiet.
At about 5 years of age I am the complete package – neutered, all UTD vaccinations including rabies, microchipped, Revolutioned, house and crate trained. I work really well with an invisible fence, a fully fenced backyard or private acres in the tranquil country. The city makes me sorta nervous. My dream family would be a couple or single person who might work from home or be retired, live in the country (think I mentioned I prefer rural areas), are somewhat active, enjoy some downtime, no small animals and/or small kids under 16 (I’ve been told I’m too big and strong for young people). I really really love playing and running with dogs my size and bigger! Well that’s all I can think of right now. Would you at least give me a chance? That’s all I ask for ( everyday actually )! Cindy, my foster mom, and her family love me dearly but it’s time I had a family I could call my very own! If you make me part of your family I promise to love you to the moon and back! Now that’s allotta love!
  • Now we are going to play a game called Is Baxter Good With……
  • Other dogs? Yes if properly introduced.
  • Cats and small animals? No because he doesn’t understand that small animals do not like to be chased and played with by big strong playful dogs.
  • Children? Yes with children over 14 years of age. Again because of his size, strength and boisterous playfulness Baxter requires a family with older children.
  • Meeting new people? Yes buts gets very very happy excited and tends to jump up (we are still working on this)
  • On a leash? Yes!! Amazing!
  • Off leash? Yes fantastic if in a remote and quiet area.
  • Invisible fence? Yes! Perfect!
  • Fenced yard? Yes. A definite requirement if there is no invisible fence or quiet fairly isolated country home.
  • Crate trained? Yes
  • Thunderstorms? No absolutely not. Needs to be close to his family for comfort.
  • Walks/playing/catching ball? Yes Yes and Yes and did we mention Heck Yes!
  • Quiet time/watching tv/snuggling? Again that’s a great big YES!!
  • Any kind of food? No Baxter requires any food OTHER than chicken or chicken meal.
  • Driving in the car? Yes Big B loves the car.
  • Being alone? Yes in his crate or in a quiet space. And of course for no long hours at a time. Nobody is good with that!
  • A quiet home in the country with a single person or couple? The biggest YES yet!!
  • Being loved? YES
  • Giving love and devotion? YESSSSSS
Adoption fee to be discussed. Please only fill out application if you can meet Baxter’s requirements. We are strict on this policy as to make the lives of both Baxter and his new family the best possible!!